Apostolic training for everyone

ABC is dedicated to providing a world class Bible college education to students everywhere, regardless of the student's ability to pay.


Student Supported

Students who have the means are asked to prayerfully give whatever the Lord directs for each course they enroll in.  Those who truly cannot afford to give, may take courses free of charge.


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Our next term starts soon!   Our Lord's harvest field is vast and ready for harvest.  The only thing lacking are enough laborers!  (Luke 10:2, John 4:35)   Register now! 

From Our Students

Cameron R.

"I love studying these biblical foundations.  This priceless education has truly edified my spirit and understanding."

Caroline M.

"I was raised Trinitarian so I had lots of questions. I was introduced to the oneness of God over twenty yeas ago.  I still had many questions, they are now answered."

Thomas G.

"Everything has been amazing and a great learning experience and can’t wait to keep learning more and more."

Hannah N.

"Every lesson blessed me so much!"

Reynaldo R.

"Knowing the mysteries of the Word of God thru the guidance of the Holy Ghost is such an honor for a sinner like me. This section taught me a lot about how mighty Jesus is and that He is the One True God."

DeAnn M.

"There were many topics I enjoyed learning more about. From healings, to paying tithes, to the rapture. I’m just excited and really enjoying learning more of God’s word."


The Need

All over the world, we have encountered people who have a great desire for sound biblical education and training for Christian service.  Too often, the sky high cost of tuition has precluded people with great potential from getting the help they need to become effective workers for God.

Faith Based - Not Free

Our vision is to eliminate cost as a barrier to obtaining a high quality Christian education, particularly to those living in developing nations.  In order for this to work, students who have the ability to give, must do so.


The primary requirement for all students is that they must stay current with their studies.  Every subject is divided into sections containing lessons, quizzes, etc.  Each section must be completed within the time allotted.

Designed for Busy People

We recognize that many of the best prospects for further Christian development live busy lives!  Our program typically requires only 

5 to 10 hours of  study per week.  

Diploma - Biblical Studies

Our 1st level Diploma is awarded to the student who has completed a course list that grounds them in the essential doctrines of the Bible, Christian living, and evangelism.  The graduate will be well equipped to be a worker for the Lord in his or her local assembly.

Diploma - Ministerial Studies

Our 2nd Diploma is awarded to the student who has completed a course list that is geared toward preparing them for active ministry.  Emphasis is given to Biblical leadership, ministerial development, and church management, as the Bible is explored in greater depth.

ABC is a faith based institution that is 100% supported by donations. Your  contributions enable us to continue our mission to develop well equipped Christian workers and ministers all over the world.

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